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Wedding Hotels Near Sariska

Wedding Hotels near Sariska- best venue to tie the knot

It should not sound surprising if someone has invited you to Sariska for their wedding! After all, wilderness and wildlife are exotic and so should be a wedding event. Sariska, the land of majestic tigers, serves as a wilderness that can leave you mesmerized. Exquisite location and presence of beautifully designed wedding hotels make Sariska a perfect destination for a big fat Indian wedding.Until a few of years ago, it was the Sariska Palace that opened its grounds for wedding events. The 120 acres of royal stretch was a favorite pick among wedding planners and couples alike. However, given the popularity of Sariska as an exotic wedding venue, several other properties have opened up and each of them comes with their unique set of offerings.

Gulmohar Sariska Resort


One of the best wedding destinations in Sariska, Gulmohar Sariska Resort, offers amenities like indoor catering, lush green lawns, air conditioned party halls, swimming pool and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities for someone seeking nothing but the best. The majestic mountains and the sensual forests in the backdrop add to the charm of a wedding celebration.

Whether you are looking to house 300 guests or want to have international cuisines on the menu, a wedding hotel in Sariska would be a perfect choice. Away from the clamor of the city, it’s a destination that offers the perfect ambience for solemn vows to be exchanged and a new relationship being celebrated.

You can also avail the well-equipped air conditioned halls for pre-wedding ceremonies at the resort. As for accommodation, there are well-furnished rooms provided with all the modern facilities.


If you have been looking for a concept wedding, Gulmohar Sariska Resort is one of the most popular wedding hotels in Sariska. From nature farms to the best-in-class multi cuisine restaurant, it integrates everything to make your wedding day perfect. Block the dates with Gulmohar Sariska and be assured of an exceptionally memorable wedding function.

Gulmohar Sariska Resort is the one-stop wedding destination that fulfills all your dreams and cater to all your needs. With a backdrop of lush greenery spread across 10 acres rolling in the Aravali Hills, Gulmohar Sariska Resort is an idyllic venue- luxurious, peaceful and economical