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Romantic Experiences at Gulmohar Sariska Resort

Spending a romantic outing over a course of a few days to weeks is something every couple should experience at some point. Their time alone and memories of the occasion is something that’ll never fade. One of the top options for couples to relax and enjoy each other’s company is at one of the best hotels near Sariska National Park.

Among the top resorts in Sariska to spend a romantic experience; Gulmohar Sariska Resort is one of the best options available for couples. Not only because of the resort’s location but because of the wide range of activities couples can do at the resort.

Below is a list of some of the best romantic experiences at Gulmohar Sariska Resort: 

Star Gazing

For any couple, the ability to lay down and enjoy the beauty of the sky is something that is breathtaking. Luckily since there’s very little light pollution at the resort itself and in Sariska, couples can easily relax and watch the stars together.

Ask locals at the resort for some tips on the best spot to watch the stars. And even before you know it, you’ll be headed over to watch the stars and enjoy each other’s company. 

Adventure Amidst Nature

Which couple doesn’t love hiking and exploring the great outdoors together? Well, since Gulmohar Sariska Resort is located directly in Sariska, there are endless areas to explore and adventure in with your significant other.

Want to see wildlife, explore bodies of water, look at ancient sites, and much more? Well, make sure you explore the great outdoors with your loved one! 


With any great trip comes with the need to sit, relax, and have awesome food. Luckily for you, the Gulmohar Sariska Resort has a multi-cuisine restaurant that has unbelievable food.

The fact that it’s multi-cuisine means that it has a variety of absolutely lip-smacking food items to choose from. Allowing even the pickiest of couples to find a type of food that they love.

So whether you two just woke up, need a snack, or want to end the day with a big meal, the food at the Gulmohar Sariska Resort will more than sufficient to fill these needs. 


Which couple doesn’t love swimming together? A resort this size has a beautifully done pool that allows attendees to have a quick dip or simply relax by the pool. Couples can either go in to start your day with a fun swim or end your night with a romantic evening in the pool.

Either way, they will enjoy each other’s company in the pool together.


As we all know, going on a couple’s trip like this does one main thing to a couple; it makes people tired. So, on one of your days at the resort, be sure to lounge around and do nothing but enjoy each other’s company.

Maybe lay by the pool, spend time by the campfire, or just do nothing. The call is completely up to the two of you. 

Book Your Stay at Gulmohar Sariska Resort

With the information above, couples should consider booking a stay at the Gulmohar Sariska Resort since it’s one of the best hotels near Sariska National Park.

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