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Are you planning for a Weekend Outing in One of the Best Resorts in Sariska?

Are you planning for a weekend outing in one of the best resorts in Sariska? If so, this article will take a look at everything a weekend outing has to offer in Sariska. When deciding where to stay in Sariska National Park, it’s important to figure out as the guest to know exactly how they want their weekend outing to be.

For the upper-end experience, guests may want to stay in a resort to allow them to experience everything in the highest quality. One of the most popular resorts in Sariska is the Gulmohar Sariska Resort. The main reason being that the resort allows attendees to choose from a variety of activities to do and accomplish.

The park itself has an abundance of activities, some of which are only available in certain resorts. Luckily, the Gulmohar Sariska Resort has almost everything the entire park has to offer.

Best Hotels in Sariska (Gulmohar Sariska Resort)

As noted, since the park has continued to rise in popularity, there are a variety of resorts in Sariska. All of which offer different packages for several different prices. 

Down below is more information pertaining to the Gulmohar Sariska Resort which has remained as one of the most popular resorts in the park.

The Gulmohar Sariska Resort is located in the lap of the Aravali Hills and offers several different options for attendees. Options such as room, food, game, safari adventures, and much more.

The amenities of the resort include a conference hall, a multi-cuisine restaurant, and wedding options since weddings have become very common and popular to have at the resort.

The resort allows attendees to visit the Bheemlata Pawan Dham, Bijak Pahadi, Siliserh Lake, Bhangarh and several other popular places to visit nearby.

Thus, the reason why many guests as deemed the resort as one of the best hotels near Sariska National Park.

How to Reach Gulmohar Sariska Resort

For those who wish to reach the resort, the resort isn’t too difficult to reach. The nearest airport and railway station are located in nearby cities.

Most attendees arrive at the resort in this manner and the resort offers direct options to explore the rest of the park.

Although the safari isn’t directly from the resort, they have a way to navigate you into direct contact with the safari options.

Other Activities from Gulmohar Sariska Resort

The main appeal of Sariska is the safari exploration it has to offer. For a weekend outing, guests will more than likely want to spend at least one their days exploring the park.

Other options offered at the resort include a nature walk through their 10 acres of property which include an onslaught of diverse plants to explore.

The resort also includes a DJ night, a Rajasthani Cultural Show, a camel ride, an evening bonfire, and several other options.

Guests frequently attend the several options included in the resort to make the most of their weekend outing.


Remember to look more into the Gulmohar Resort to help you understand the advantages the resort offers.

To quickly recap everything, the article highlighted the resort for the variety of options it offers, how you can reach it, and the safari adventures to choose from.

All of which highlights how it’s remained as one of the best hotels in Sariska, the best resorts in Sariska, and the best hotels near Sariska National Park.

Any trip to Sariska comes with the option of staying in a resort or hotel located near or directly in the actual park. In this case, Gulmohar Resort will remain as one of the most popular places in all of India for a weekend outing.

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