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Experience Wildlife Closely at one of the Best hotels in Sariska

Experience Wildlife Closely at one of the Best hotels in Sariska

How about planning a leisure trip next time around, one that you and your loved ones will remember forever? If you prefer resorts in Delhi or some place nearer for an outing, Sariska is, an excellent choice. An exquisite town in Rajasthan, Sariska is a popular weekend getaway for many in Delhi, if experiencing something adventurous (like a close brush with wildlife) ranks high on your agenda. Forget zoos or the usual visits you’re accustomed to paying to a nature reserve. Come to Sariska andmarvel at the diversity of wildlife from close quarters while enjoying your  stay at Gulmohar Sariska Resort. So, if you are a travel enthusiast whose idea of a holiday includes hitting the roads for a pleasant drive (distance between Sariska and Delhi is just about 190 km), book your accommodation at Gulmohar Sariska, one of the best resorts in Sariska.

Gulmohar Sariska Resort
Gulmohar Sariska – one of the Best Resorts near Faridabad and Gurgaon

Instead of spending time zeroing in on ‘exotic’ locales in an unplanned manner (which is expensive and time-consuming!), check out resorts in Faridabad or head to Gulmohar Sariska, a luxurious retreat that showers lavish amenities along with a host of exotic experiences at reasonable tariffs.  Sariska National Park, the tiger reserve, and wildlife sanctuary are the major attractions in Sariska. The place has been regarded as the hub of culture, heritage, history, and rich past for centuries. What makes your stay at Gulmohar Sariska truly special is the proximity with wildlife you can enjoy only here. Undoubtedly, there are a number of resorts near Gurgaon which you may consider for the much-needed break, but if a little bit of drive is convenient for you; you can rejuvenate yourself in an alluring place like Sariska. You’ll find a rich conglomeration of wildlife species like leopard, chital, hyena, nilgai, sambhar, four-horned antelope, and wild boar around Gulmohar Sariska and several and other animals in Sariska Tiger Reserve. Going to Sariska National Park, that is known to accommodate the greatest number of peafowl, golden-backed woodpeckers, and several other species, is something you will cherish forever.

Experience Adventure and Luxury at Gulmohar Sariska Resort

If you are searching for resorts to visit near Noida, the name Gulmohar Sariska, one of the best yet affordably priced resorts near Noida would spring up again. For those who love to be in harmony with wildlife and like to stay in a hotel near it, this resort is the best pick that you would desire coming back to time and again.

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